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We help professionals in the travel industry be in control of their finances, while saving them time, money and stress

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Our ambition is to help you grow and prosper while resting assured your numbers work for you.
We relieve you of your accounting stress so that you could focus on what you really enjoy doing.

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Why work with LAS Accounting ?

Do you need accounting advice such as cashflow forecasts and management reports?

Why don’t you outsource your bookkeeping and accounting, and let LAS Accounting Ltd be your Virtual Finance Department?

LAS Accounting uses trusted software packages:

Accounting services to help independent travel advisors and tour operators at various levels of their business growth

We work on a fixed price system, so you know the cost of our service right from the very start. We sit down with you to find out what you really need from us and give you a fixed price for those services. This allows you to budget better and gives you the peace of mind knowing there will be no surprise charges from us.

Questions on pricing ?

“If you thing it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

Red Adair, American oil well firefighter


Many professionals in the travel industry, like independent travel advisors and tour operators, are worried that their accountant doesn’t understand the complexities of the accounting requirements for their sector. Turning this on its head, many accountants do not know or simply avoid the accountancy intricacies of the travel industry.
While most small businesses find that outsourcing their accounting needs is more cost-efficient, outsourcing their accounting services actually becomes an imperative for businesses in the travel sector because of the difficulties they encounter in staying compliant with the different authorities that regulate their sector, like CAA.
There is no need to put together a full-fledged in-house accounting team. You won’t need to go through the costs of advertising the various accounting positions, going through interviews and selection of candidates, training the new employees and running the risk of doing this all over again once they find a position that they feel suits them better.
An accountancy practice that specialises in travel businesses also has a much deeper understanding of travel professionals ambitions, dreams, potential and capabilities. You get personalised bespoke help with your numbers, gaining back the time and energy to run your travel business more efficiently. You get help to increase your output by allowing you to focus on what you reallly know how to do, and of course you can rest assured that you are always on the good side of HMRC.
LAS Accounting Ltd specialises in small and medium size travel businesses and offers you the personal touch of a local business who understands the struggles as well as aspirations of the local community.


Outsourced accounting is when you hire an accounting practice to take care of your accounting needs.

Since they work with several small businesses like yours, their level of expertise increases exponentially as compared to an in-house team whose perspective is always limited.

LAS Accounting offers you bespoke outsourced accounting services from bookkeeping to taxes, payroll, VAT and advisory (cashflow forecasting and management accounts). You are covered with respect to all your accounting needs.

As a Small Business Accountancy practice we help:

Sole traders: tour operators, independent travel advisors

Limited companies: service businesses, travel agencies, hospitality industry, hoteliers

If you don’t see your business listed above, don’t worry, just pop us an e-mail and we’d be glad to find out about your business and your accounting needs.


I am a travel enthusiast and I am pasionate about helping the people and businesses who are working hard to help others get away from their busy life to recover their strength, relax or celebrate their special moments in a wonderful getaway.

I like to build long term work relationships with my customers that we both enjoy and cherish.

This is why at LAS Accounting we offer jargon-free, outsourced accounting services for growing travel businesses based on a straightforward, practical approach and personalised touch.

From my own over 20 years of entrepreneurial journey, I also understand the conflicts and struggles of running your own business.  

Although we live in challenging times, I believe your business can succeed and prosper given the right accounting tools and advice.


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Client Testimonials

Laura helped me with my self-assessment tax return. I had a different accountant who was disappointing, so I didn't know what to expect with Las Accounting Ltd. However Laura has been fantastic. She is very organised, with consistent reminders of upcoming deadlines. I fully recommend her.
Dominic Blair
USED OUR Accounting Services
Laura’s knowledge and advice make the whole process of running my company simple and straightforward. She responds promptly to queries, sets clear timescales and targets for providing accounts and returns, and keeps to these. She is well organised and easy to work with. My business has experienced a steady growth. I cannot recommend Laura enough.
Mirella Martin
Myra’s Tailoring Limited


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