Accountants for
Travel Agencies

Accountants For Travel Agencies

At LAS Accounting we work with travel agents. More precisely, we are Accountants for Travel Agents.

LAS Accounting was established to help business owners in the travel sector, like independent travel agents, take control of their accounts and minimise what they pay in tax. We know that numbers and finances might not be your strong point – that’s fine!

We don’t use jargon, there’s no such thing as a stupid question and we can take care of everything to do with managing your finances – from bookkeeping to accounts to tax and VAT returns (yes, we are experts in TOMS !) so you can concentrate on doing what you do best, namely create unforgettable travel memories.

Welcome to LAS Accounting
Specialist Accountants For Travel Agents

LAS Accounting Ltd is a specialist accountancy firm that helps business owners in the travel industry, like independent travel agents, manage their accounts so that they can achieve the career and life of their dreams.

But what makes us special? As with all travel accounting, there can be a lot of ignorance and misunderstanding. But at LAS Accounting, we’re not just expert accountants, we also know your industry and specialise in accounting for travel businesses.

We’d love to chat with you about how we can support you and your business.

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What Makes Us Special

We understand the unique aspects of your travel business, we know about:

So you will not have to waste your time explaining your business to us!

Why Do Travel Agents
Need An Accountant?

Tax Compliance

Once you start to earn money from creating travel packages, you are considered a self-employed business owner. You must register with HMRC, complete a self-assessment tax return every financial year and you must pay tax. As your accountant, we can help you to calculate your tax liability and file your tax returns on time to avoid any expensive penalties.

Be More Tax Efficient

The rules around taxes and expenses in the travel industry can be confusing. In general, you can deduct allowable expenses from your earnings in order to reduce your tax bill, but only for business purposes. This is not always as straightforward as it sounds, especially that the travel industry has its own rules of what is allowed as business expense and what is not allowed! An accountant who specialises in travel industry accounting can advise you on this and find other deductions to ensure you are not paying too much tax!

Manage Multiple Income Streams

Unlike other small businesses, travel business owners often have various sources of revenue, such as travel agencies, other travel agents or tour operators, customers from the general public, income from other sectors, such as property income, etc. An accountant will help you streamline and organise your finances, ensuring accurate tracking of each income stream. This is particularly relevant to know when you reach the VAT threshold.
Financial Planning and Growth
Managing your cashflow can make or break any business. We can add value by showing you ways to save money and manage your cashflow more efficiently. We can help you define a set of financial goals, whether that’s saving for your own place or early retirement. We can also implement effective budgeting and cash flow management so that you are in the best position to take advantage of different opportunities as they arise.
Time and Stress Management
As an independent travel agent, your time is best spent creating wonderful package holidays while engaging with your audience. With an accountant managing your finances, you’ll have more time on your hands to focus on the job you love, which will do wonders for your well-being.
Be Confident in Your Numbers
Designed with travel businesses in mind, our bookkeeping packages for independent travel agents help your business grow. You will see for yourself the power this knowledge gives you. We work with the most cost effective and up to date cloud based systems to give you real time information about your numbers.
Travel Agent Owners

Key Accounting Services We Offer

Some of the key accounting services we offer at LAS Accounting to travel agents owners include:

Why choose LAS Accounting ?

If you are looking for an accountant who can help you with your travel business, look no further than LAS Accounting. Not only are we specialist accountants for the travel industry, but our founder specialises in travel accounting… besided being an avid traveller.

This means that we understand first-hand what your biggest challenges are and are well-positioned to help navigate the accounts and tax minefield while helping you keep more of what you earn!

Accounting for the travel industry is a complex field and many accountants choose not to work in travel accounting.

Business owners in the travel industry feel unsopported by their accountants and stress over compliance.

But at LAS Accounting we are here to change that. We are passionate about providing helpful, relevant advice to travel professionals so that they don’t pay more tax than they should and keep more of their hard-won earnings. We also help you plan your business strategically with our done-for-you service.

Our end-to-end accountancy services can help you take control of your accounts and claim your financial freedom!

Navigating the complexity of tax compliance in the travel industry can be daunting. Fear not, we’ve got your back. Our team of tax-savvy accountants know all the ins and outs of your industry.

Whether you’re just getting started or already rocking your travel business, we’ll make sure you stay on top of your tax game, help you maximise your profits and keep you compliant with the tax authorities.

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