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Every private limited company, including dormant and non-trading companies, and every limited liability partnership (LLP) registered in the UK is required to submit a confirmation statement to Companies House each year. However, sole proprietors and other partnerships are not required to submit these documents.

A confirmation statement is a document submitted to Companies House every year to ensure that your business details are up to date.

It confirms that the information that Companies House holds about your company is up to date.

Though you must file a statement at least once a year, you may choose to file more often.

Failure to file confirmation statements is a criminal offence and directors can be personally fined in the criminal courts.

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How to file the confirmation statement

The confirmation statement is filed with the Companies House. It must contain the following information:

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People of Significant Control (PSC)

All companies are now required to keep a people of significant control register at their registered office address (or alternative location) which is available for inspection. Since 30 June 2016, companies applying for incorporation have had to provide PSC information which is then confirmed or updated yearly with the confirmation statement. If you registered your company before that date, you’ll have to include details about any PSCs when you file your first confirmation statement.

Deadline for the confirmation statement

The deadline or due date for filing your confirmation statement is on the anniversary of your company formation and should be completed within 14 days of that date. You are required to file a confirmation statement with Companies House at least once every 12 months. Another change from the previous system where you had to pay each time you made changes to your annual return, you now pay a one-off annual fee regardless of how many times you amend your confirmation statement in the same 12 month period.

What happens if you don’t file a confirmation statement?

Any criminal proceedings for not filing confirmation statements are separate from – and in addition to – any late filing penalties issued by Companies House against the limited company.

Remember that this is a legal requirement and failure to comply can have serious consequences for directors, including fines and prosecution. If you forget to file your confirmation statement by the deadline, make sure you check and confirm your details as soon as possible. If not, the registrar may assume the company has ceased trading and strike you from the company register.

Your accountant is most likely to file on your behalf, however – the company’s directors are ultimately responsible for this legal requirement.

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