from £7/ employee depending on size of company and frequency of running payroll (i.e. monthly, bi-weekly or weekly), **please scroll down for exact pricing**

Payroll is one of those systems that is often less expensive to outsource than to complete in-house.

LAS Accounting will handle everything from new starters to leavers, and P11Ds to P60s.

LAS Accounting uses cloud software that allows your employees to log in and download their own payslips, effectively removing the need for hard copies and the extra costs that go along with it.

What is more, the more employees you have, the lower the cost per person.

If you have been using up too much of your valuable time on your payroll, get in touch to find out if it might ultimately be more cost efficient for you if LAS Accounting handled it.

No. of employeesOne-off Setup CostsMonthly costs
Monthly PayrollBiweekly PayrollWeekly Payroll

Some examples of pricing:

If you have 52 employees who are being paid on a monthly basis:

One-Off Setup Costs: 52 x £6 = £312

Monthly Costs: 1 x £15+ 24 x £9 + 25 x £8 + 2 x £7= £445 per month

If you have 23 employees who are being paid on a weekly basis:

One-Off Setup Costs: 23 x £6 = £138

Monthly Costs: 1 x £23+ 22 x £12 = £287 per month

Are you thinking of outsourcing your payroll, but worried about costs or level of service ?

LAS Accounting offer a fully managed, outsourced, end-to-end service to ensure your employees are paid accurately and on time, so you don’t have to worry about it:

Why Outsource Your Payroll Services?

Filing an accurate payroll with HMRC and with the Pensions regulator is a major requirement of any business. Also, your employees must feel they can count on their payslip to be delivered to them in time and to be accurate.

Payroll processing requires specialized knowledge because the employment legislation has become increasingly complex over the years. For example, since April 2012, payroll must be submitted to HMRC in real time, hence the requirement for Real Time Information (RTI) payroll. For employers, this means that PAYE information is submitted to HMRC every time they pay their employees, not just once a year.

Then, there is also the requirement for auto-enrolment, which means that by law employees have to be enrolled by their employer in a private pension scheme.

Many businesses across the United Kingdom found these requirements quite challenging and opted for an outsourced service.

In brief, here are a few advantages of outsourcing your payroll:

Additional add on services:

We’d love to chat with you about how we can support you and your business.

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