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At LAS Accounting Ltd, we love travel entrepreneurs. We love to be travellers ourselves. We find the combination of travel and entrepreneurial spirit fascinating ! And we know that financial management for travel businesses is an essential tool. This article aims to help you dissipate some of the stress you feel as a travel business owner every time you think of your finances.

And we know that as you start and grow your travel business, you are fueled by your passion for what you do and you are full of plans for what your business could become.

But the complexities of business lie heavily on you because financial management can be a hurdle – particularly when you don’t see yourself as a financial expert.

It’s not just about numbers. And as an accountant, I know that you succeed on your business journey when you rest assured that you are financially secure and on the right path, and this is why I make this my mission.

While working with other travel business owners like you, I’ve seen how transforming financial challenges into opportunities can significantly impact your business’ success.

Financial literacy for instance is a common stumbling block for many travel entrepreneurs. You have goals and drive, you are passionate about what you do, but a lack of financial knowledge can be a problem from time to time. This is why I am here to help with the financial management for travel businesses.

Understanding your financial statements, managing cash flow and forecasting are essential tools that I help with. Once your travel business has its books in order, I can help you understand the data you need to make the right decisions and reach your goals.

Then there’s the issue of overpaying taxes. Nobody wants to part with more money than necessary, yet it happens often with travel business owners due to a lack of awareness of how accounting needs to be done specifically for their industry. I help travel clients to avoid costly mistakes – whether they are saving tax, or making sure they pay enough and on time.

Many travel business owners are afraid of making financial mistakes. It’s a huge anxiety for them that affects their ability to make confident decisions – or simply to grow. That’s why I make it an important part of what I do, to ask you what YOU need, to know you can move to the next step.

Time constraints are a challenge for every business owner, and all the more for travel business owners… no pun intended ! If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stretched thin, the last thing you want is somebody on your case about a VAT receipt. This is the kind of stress that makes financial tasks feel like a chore, pile up and then take focus away from planning a package holiday or a bespoke plane itinerary or organising a tour.

It’s because of all of these reasons: financial literacy, tax concerns, fear of errors and rush against time, that I make it my goal to get to know each of my clients as people, as individuals building a business for a personal purpose, fuelled by a dream, motivated by aspiration to live the lifestyle they want, doing what they are passionate about, surrounded by the people they love.

Because your valuable time is so much better used in the places you can make a world of difference.

And I can make a difference with the numbers, here’s how:

  • I boost your financial confidence. I empower you to engage with the numbers that matter – at a pace that suits you, so you can make strategic choices based on accurate data. You can make a profit no matter what stage in your business you are.
  • I know the tax rules, which means I can uncover savings and make sure you don’t pay more than is necessary.
  • I take away the fear. I am a licenced accountant trained in the United Kingdom, so you can rest assured that you’re in the hands of experts.
  • And I free you up, so you can run your travel business. No more wirrying about the financial management for travel businesses !

I have always thought of accounting as a partnership. I want you to reconnect with the dream that started you on this journey. I’ll pick up the finances for you.

If financial management is the area of your business that needs attention right now, I would love to support you. Understanding your financial challenges and working with a skilled accountant that specialises in your industry can get you closer to your goals, faster.

I am not just a numbers person, I am your strategic partner.

How can LAS Accounting help ?

Managing finances if you are a business owner in the travel industry can be challenging. However, by getting the support of an accountant who specializes in travel businesses, you have the best chance of navigating the intricacies of accounting for your industry and taking care of your financial health. If you would like to talk to me about how I work with small businesses like you please get in touch.

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